Bioinformatics & Systems Biology, 2006

The 6th Annual International Workshop on Bioinformatics and Systems Biology is part of a collaborative educational program involving several leading research institutes: Boston University in the United States, Kyoto University in Japan, University of Tokyo in Japan, Humboldt University-Berlin in Germany, and Free University of Berlin in Germany. This student-focused event has been held since 2001 to provide doctoral students and young researchers with opportunities to present and discuss their research objectives, approaches and results in the emerging field of genomics, systems biology and bioinformatics.

Charles DeLisi (Boston University)
Minoru Kanehisa (Kyoto University)
Reinhart Heinrich (Humboldt University Berlin)

Scientific Committee:
Boston: Charles DeLisi, Gary Benson, Zhiping Weng
Kyoto/Tokyo: Minoru Kanehisa, Tatsuya Akutsu, Hiroshi Mamitsuka, Susumu Goto, Keiichi Kuma, Satoru Miyano
Berlin: Reinhart Heinrich, Hermann-Georg Holzhütter, Martin Vingron, Thomas Höfer